Hydro Excavation Reynoldsburg, OH

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Hydro Excavation Reynoldsburg, OH

Looking for “hydro excavation companies near me?” Ericson Environmental Services provides high-quality hydro excavation and hydrovac trenching services in Reynoldsburg, OH.

Hydro excavation is a safe way to uncover or clean an area. It is done using water and a vacuum system aimed at a fixed area. This method is perfect for clay soils, deep soils, and hard-packed dirt. It’s also great for the frozen soils during the harsh winters in Reynoldsburg, OH.

Such processes are useful in slot trenching and daylighting. These are also used in different fields and are needed in construction, oil drilling, and environmental tasks. They’re also needed in the utilities and communication sectors.

Do you need a safe, quick and efficient digging job done? You could search “hydro excavation companies near me.” The problem is that you may get a smorgasbord of results. Instead, work with us. We’re one of the leading hydro excavation companies in Central Ohio, EPA certified, and have over 30 years in the business.

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Hydrovac Trenching

You may be wondering what exactly hydrovac trenching is. As the name suggests, it’s the function of building a trench using water and vacuum. It involves digging a narrow hole that is much deeper than it is wide. Do you need to install an irrigation or sprinkler system? Are you putting in fiber-optics or utilities underground? Do you live in the Reynoldsburg, OH area? If so, you’ll need to build a trench to house these systems.

Building a trench using hydro excavation will guarantee accurate and precise results. Further, you will incur a lower cost for asphalt patching and other maintenance work compared to using traditional slot trenchers. The hydro excavation also lowers the risk of damage to current pipes or utilities. It requires less manual labor needing just one operator in most cases.

Do you have a hydrovac trenching project? Reach out to us, one of the top hydro excavation companies in Reynoldsburg, OH. We are hands-down your best choice for such a project.

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Hydro Excavation Companies

Do you live in Reynoldsburg, OH and need to uncover underground utilities? It could be for one of many reasons. You may need to replace valves, pipes or connections. It’s important to expose these objects without damaging them. Potholing using hydro excavation is the best way to carry out such a project.

Hydro excavation involves digging and uncovering without disturbing the surrounding soil. As a result, cave-in fatalities are greatly reduced. It also reduces the amount of soil to backfill. These benefits save lives, time, energy, and the environment. If you’ve been searching for “hydro excavation companies near me,” you’ve found your solution. Our family-owned company is licensed and bonded in the state of Ohio, and we’re EPA certified.

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Hydro Excavation Companies Near Me

Our company provides expert hydrovac trenching and potholing in Reynoldsburg, OH. In addition, we provide debris removal and excavations in tight spaces using hydro excavation. As our cities develop, we have to deal with more buildings and increasingly confined spaces. Don’t settle for less than the most reliable hydro excavation companies for such jobs.

We perform hydro excavation services using a remote hose to reach tight areas. That also means we do not use harsh chemicals or machinery with damaging effects on your surroundings. Your digging or debris removal project won’t just be fast and safe; it will also be eco-friendly!

We’re excited to serve the following areas: Columbus, New Albany, Westerville, Powell, Dublin, Hilliard, Gahanna, Grove City, Orient, Lockbourne, Groveport, Galloway, Canal Winchester, and Reynoldsburg, OH. We’re also available for 24-hour emergency pumping services. Call today to speak to one of our experts!

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